the-elements-of-the-stateWhat is a state? A state is a sovereign social community, with a common political organization, territory and government.

So… wich are its elements? It has four necessary elements:

  1. Territory: a land with specifics boundaries (limits)
  2. Population: permanent group of people that live within the boundaries of the territory
  3. Government: the politic group of people who makes decisions and exercises the authority of the state
  4. Sovereignty: the hability to determine your own fate and decide your own policy

 Watch the video to realize how many sovereign states are in the world

From 6:46 to 6:50 the song speaks about UK (an european state) and its nations (Wales, Northern Irland, Scotland and England). But, what’s the difference between state and nation? Do you know any closer example?


Sometimes, although not always, these two entities overlap. When a homogeneous group of people with a common culture have their own independent government and recognized boundaries, the entity is called a nation-state.

And now click on “European Geography” and develop a mental map of Europe, its countries and capitals through these amazing games!

Types of states

We can classify a state according to some criteria. Look at this mind map titled “Types of states“:



how do you classify Spain according to each criteria?

Read some extracts of the spanish Constitution of 1978 to answer the question.

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